Jumaat, 3 Jun 2011

for my love..

you are special on eyes
you always make me smile 
although sometimes you make me cry
you make my heart beat fast
and i am asking why..
when you go
i feel uncomfortable
i feel alone 
when you are not around
you are my guardian in silent mode
you love me in unique way
and make me fall suddenly
i love you every times my heart beat
you are weird in interesting way
and make me love without a reason why.
every times i meet you
i will smile without you ask to
and i always want to know you
more than i need to
do you love me more than i do??
every times i am with you
there are memory of you
you have said you love me too
more than i can imagine
i hope its not fake
i hope you love me the way i love you
without i am said it
every action has show clearly..
how i love you in every ways...
i will love you until the end of my life.. 

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