Selasa, 22 Mac 2011

don't you love me??

i m just asking you to waiting for me only for few minute.. not for a whole day.. i m just want to lend a few hours of your time... why you do this to me.. if i can waiting for you for many times why you can't do the same things for me???
emm.. don't you ever love me??? don't you ever care of me?? i m just a girl.. i m a human.. not a heartless.. 
you the only one i have here.. for everything you have done.. i m just ignore it to make sure it will never hurt you pride. to care of your feeling.. i dare to sacrifice my own feeling.. i m killing myself slowly because of you.. don't you ever realize it?? 
when i m said something.. i m just want you to change not to leave me away.. why don't you ever understand me?? understand what really i want from you?? 
i know you are never love me as i love you..
do you really want i go far away from you??
do you never care if i go from you?? don't you will ever miss me?? do you really want me to go??
when i do somethings that hurt your heart.. you easily ask me to go far from you.. forget you for my whole life..
you are my friend.. how can i do that to you.. don't you ever think of it??
i m just nothing to you.. i m knew it.. i just nothing to you.. nothing.. will never give any impact to you life.. never.. 
but.. just pretend that you love me.. i m beg you to pretend you are care of me.. just pretending that you love me.. only for one day.. only that i want from you..
emm.. or i really should go far away from you??? i m not good enough to be your friend?? do i like a jerk to you?? answering me dear.. don't you ever love me???

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